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Last actualisation: 9.9.2014


List of the most current evaluations of the EQA rounds

Published Name and code of the EQA round
9.9.2014 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (SED2/14)
3.9.2014 Bilirubin Neonatal (BIL2/14)
1.9.2014 Peripheral Blood Smears - Photos (NF2/14)
27.8.2014 Haemocoagulation Tests (HKG3/14)
15.8.2014 Hormones 1 (E13/14)
15.8.2014 Hormones 2 (E23/14)
15.8.2014 Tumour Markers (TM3/14)
Archive of the evaluations
of all EQA rounds of this
year should be found here.


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