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Last update: 18.9.2021


EQA rounds evaluated in the last month

Published Name and code of the EQA round
18.9.2021 C-Reactive Protein POCT (CRPP4/21)
18.9.2021 Blood Count (KO5/21)
15.9.2021 Hormonal Receptors (HR2/21)
7.9.2021 Cardiac Markers (KM2/21)
2.9.2021 Bilirubin Neonatal (BIL2/21)
2.9.2021 Cystatin C (CC2/21)
2.9.2021 C-Reactive Protein (CRP3/21)
Archive of the evaluations
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EQA Plan 2021

Please find the EQA Plan 2021 in the section EQA.


Colorectal Carcinoma (CRC)

To find everything about this EQA programme at one place please visit CRC summary page.


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