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Last actualisation: 2.4.2020


EQA rounds evaluated in the last month

Published Name and code of the EQA round
2.4.2020 Acid-base Status and Electrolytes (ABR1/20)
27.3.2020 Peripheral Blood Morphology Evaluation (DIF1/20)
27.3.2020 Glycated Haemoglobin (KD1/20)
27.3.2020 Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis (RFA1/20)
26.3.2020 Glycated Haemoglobin POCT (GHP1/20)
26.3.2020 Immunopathology of GIT (IGIT1/20)
20.3.2020 Autoimmunity (AIM1/20)
20.3.2020 Blood Group Serology (IH1/20)
20.3.2020 IgG subclasses (PIG1/20)
19.3.2020 Specific IgE (study) (T03/20)
19.3.2020 Allergy Control Scheme (Total IgE) (TIE1/20)
18.3.2020 Antiphospholipid Antibodies (APLA1/20)
18.3.2020 Detection of Monoclonal Components (GP1/20)
18.3.2020 General Immunohistochemistry - Staining (VIB1/20)
17.3.2020 Calprotectin in Stool (FC1/20)
17.3.2020 Blood Count (KO1/20)
17.3.2020 Diagnostics of Rheumatoid Arthritis and ASLO (RF1/20)
12.3.2020 Autoimmune Liver Diseases (AIH1/20)
12.3.2020 Type 1 Autoimmune Diabetes (IDDM1/20)
12.3.2020 INR measurement on POCT (INRP1/20)
6.3.2020 C-Reactive Protein POCT (CRPP2/20)
6.3.2020 Hormonal Receptors (HR1/20)
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